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Kirby Lambert MGT Crossroads Framelock 6K Mokuti Zircuti Marbled CF


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Product Description

Custom Kirby Lambert MGT Crossroads Framelock knife with a satin compound 6K blade and Mokuti bolster and clip, milled marbled carbon fiber scales and a purple/blue anodized titanium frame lock side.  This Lambert custom knife also features a floating zirconium  and light strike carbon fiber scales.  This custom knife also features a Zircuti floating back spacer and blue anodized hardware with gold and blue anodized pivots. The blade is like new after a long wait, and uniquely specially requested to not have a logo marked on the blade for a clean look with a perfect action, detent, and blade centering.

Blade steel: 6k

Blade length: 3.625″

Overall length: 8.5″


Additional Information

Knife Type

Folding Knives, Previously Owned

Knife Maker

Lambert, Kirby

Blade Steel


Blade Length

3.6″ to 3.9″

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