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About Us offers layaway and is a sponsor of Blade Forums and the Usual Suspect Network with a dealer forum there!

All knives come either shipped in the case it was shipped in new from the maker or in a top quality case provided by if it is preowned or received without a case from the maker.

We offer a 6 week layaway payment plan that is an additional 5% fee.  So 25% + 5% is taken for a deposit to hold your knife, and then an invoice is sent out every 2 weeks when another 25% is due for 6 weeks.  When the final payment is made we will ship your knife!  To pay early please email for payoff information.

Hello! A little background on my personally, I am Brandon!  I grew up in Pennsylvania,  I use to go up to the poconos and loved going out into the woods and began my knife collecting and use as a boy scout and regularly practicing martial arts including Jeet Kune Do with filipino kali stick and knife fighting!  I then got into Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and joined the wrestling team in high school before being able to drive long distances to train further.  I have worked security for 15 years (where I spent a lot of time confiscating knives) and I moved to South Carolina where I did some local MMA fights and decided to website as I got more serious with my shooting and knife collecting and I could not find certain custom and mid-tech knives I wanted at all or at the prices I wanted them for.  I now run with my family because I truly enjoy it!